Yoga, a way of realization at the service of human being


  In the same way that the moon does not reflect clearly in the troubled waters of a river, the soul does not reflect convenably in an troubled mind. Only a clear mind reflects the soul.

   Yoga keeps the physical body fit and nourishes the peace and joy of the mind

It can easily be adapted to each individual’s aspirations and capacities.

   Through practising postures, mindful breathing, relaxation and meditation, Yoga helps you turn inwards, come home and rediscover the union of body and mind.

   By choosing a Life with Yoga you learn to appreciate Life in a different way.

Your body relaxes, opens up, becomes supple and regains it’s natural energy.

Your mind calms down, concentrates, rests and becomes silent.

   The practitioner makes contact with an inner joy and calmness, and becomes more confident when faced with Life’s ups and downs, ready to fully appreciate the gifts that Life offers.




Briefly about Yoga


   The postures helps the body gain in suppleness, endurance and health, and lightens the gait.

Through them the yogi moves step by step towards spirituality.

   Yoga offers us the possibility to access the mind via the body refining our self through the asanas. What yoga proposes is to first take care of our exterior in order to develop our sensibility before working inwards.


   Through observation and controlled distribution the breath becomes slower, deeper and more subtle. Our lung capacity increases, our mental state calms down, concentrates and finds peace; a smile appears.


   The body is stretched out, relax, motionless, the mind silent and calm.

   Through the conscious relaxation of body and mind, the yogi welcomes each sensation and the effects of the practice, continues to focus on the present moment, nourished by regained peace and calm.


  The deeper the river the less noise it makes.

Meditation may be performed mindfully while seated or walking, or during daily activities, be it guided or not


   "Through meditation we are able to reach the ultimate dimension of our Being, the absolute, the infinite, our foundation. Thus a Joy, uncomparable to any other joy, appears. This is the essential, ultimate Joy." Thich Nhat Hanh