Yoga Classes in Uzes, Ales, Nîmes

Individual lessons

(at your house or at my centre)


   This is not an organisation, a particular school, nor a specific style of yoga.

Viniyoga simply gives a direction :

  For better results it's important to choose a training course appropriate to each individual. Based on their age, sex, health, physical condition, temperament, aspirations and life habits, profession, resources, weaknesses, beliefs…At his or her present moment.

   I offer individual lessons which allow you to practice yoga as it was initially taught, as a personal experience unique for your body and your spirit at your own rhythm.


Pregnant women

   Having myself practiced yoga whist expecting my two children until the day of their birth, following you through the nine months of your pregnancy means a lot to me. To help you be more serene, calm and happy for a confident and fully aware birth.

And to continue, after the birth, with your child.


Lessons in companies

   In your company I offer your employees, individual and/or collective lessons. A moment of relaxation in the middle of a day's work will transform tiredness, tensions, stress, and allow them to continue with a more positive, receptive, relaxed body and mind, creative and productive in their work. This will develop a more harmonious and positive atmosphere within the group.

   I offer practices adapted to company's needs and accessible to all, young or old, sportive or not…

   You only need a small space within your work place to practice yoga. Sessions can be programmed before work starts, during a rest period, a lunch break, or after work.